Learn the content of a subject by accessing a large bank of relevant multiple choice questions. These questions simulate multiple choice questions that you might encounter in your major exams this year.

Learn through immediate feedback of your answers. These answers are comprehensive and will assist you in all sections of the exam. Your multiple choice answers are delivered to you immediately.

The very large bank of questions focuses on the current syllabuses. You will not have to guess if previous HSC questions are relevant for the current syllabus. This will take the frustration out of studying and will save you time.

Easy access to past exam papers.

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Identify specific gaps in your students’ knowledge and then you can prepare a revision program to rectify these weaknesses.

While the class is focusing on the ‘confidence multiple choice questions’, you will have an opportunity to give ‘one on one’ assistance to your students or prepare activities for the class.

Be known for using the latest innovation online learning technology - with zero effort.