You are four clicks or thirty seconds away from making a common test that will be marked for you.

FIRST ACTION – Setting up the Class Checkup

  • Access the Teachers page using the dock buttons at
  • Click Start Class Checkup, then build your test by selecting a subject and the appropriate topic. Then click the submit button.
  • Register your request to receive the Class Checkup Key and Personalised PIN, then click submit.
  • The number of the common test, called the Class Checkup key and your PIN to access all the results will be displayed on the screen.

    STUDENTS’ ACTION – Doing the Class Checkup

  • Circulate the In-Class key for your students
  • Ask the students to go to the main page and then click on the ‘start without facebook button’
  • Each student will tick the ‘My teacher has provided an in class key, and then enter the In-Class key. Student will then be able to start your test.

    TEACHER’S ACTION – Receiving the Results

  • Click on the Class Checkup results and then enter the Class Checkup Key and your Personalised PIN. Click submit and then the results for each student will be displayed.
    Atarconfidence will enable you to enhance your learning / teaching outcomes by:
  • Providing tests called, Class Checkup, at the conclusion of a topic as a revision tool
  • Setting common tests as homework tasks
  • Set a 25 minute test for the class to complete, and you can use this time to focus on alternative teaching duties, such as report writing or intensive work with an individual student
  • Providing productive tasks for the students to complete for the days you are absent from school

    Remember you will not have to mark the multiple choice task and the comprehensive answers are forwarded to your students. All free of charge. Class Checkups will save you time - no preparation or marking is needed. Your students will conveniently access quality tasks with only token effort from your end.